2019 Results

Here are the Order of Track Events

Girls 4x800m Invite

Boys 4x800m Invite

Girls 4x100m Seeded

Girls 4x100m Invite

Boys 4x100m Seeded

Boys 4x100m Invite

Girls 3200m Invite

Girls Frosh Soph 100mH Invite

Girls 100mH Open

Girls 100mH  Seeded

Girls 100mH Invite

Boys Frosh/Soph 110mH Invite

Boys 110mH Open

Boys 110mh Seeded

Boys 110mH Invite

Boys 3200m Invite

Girls Frosh/Soph 400m Seeded

Girls Frosh/Soph 400m Invite

Girls 400m Open

Girls 400m Seeded

Girls 400m Invite

Boys Frosh/Soph 400m Seeded

Boys Frosh/Soph 400m Invite

Boys 400m Open

Boys 400m Seeded

Boys 400m Invite

Girls Frosh/Soph 100m Seeded

Girls Frosh/Soph 100m Invite

Girls 100m Open

Girls 100m Seeded

Girls 100m Invite

Boys Frosh/Soph 100m Seeded

Boys Frosh/Soph 100m Invite

Boys 100m Open

Boys 100m Seeded

Boys 100m Invite

Girls 800m Open

GIrls 800m Seeded

Girls 800m Invite

Boys 800m Open

Boys 800m Seeded

Boys 800m Invite

GIrls 300mH Open

Girls 300m Seeded

Girls 300m Invite

Boys 300m Open

Boys 300m Seeded

Boys 300m Invite

Girls 4x200m Invite

Boys 4x200m Invite

Girls F/S 1600m Invite

Boys F/S 1600m Invite

Girls 200m Open

Girls 200m Seeded

Girls 200m Invite

Boys 200m Opne

Boys 200m Seeded

Boys 200m Invite

Girls 1600m Seeded

Girls 1600m Invite

Boys 1600m Seeded

Boys 1600m Invite

GIrls 4x400m Seeded

Girls 4x400m Invite

Boys 4x400m Seeded

Boys 4x400m Invite

Here are the Order of Field  Events

Boys Long Jump Open

Girls Long Jump Open

Girls Discus Open

Boys Shot Put Open

Boys High Jump Invite

Girls Pole Vault Invite

Boys Long Jump Seeded

Girls Long Jump Seeded

Girls Discus Seeded

Boys Shot Put Seeded

Boys Long Jump Invite

Girls Long Jump Invite

Girls Discus Invite

Jared Bray Invite Shot Put Invite

Girls High Jump Invite

Boys Pole Vault Invite

Boys Triple Jump Open

Girls Triple Jump Open

Girls Shot Put Open

Boys Discus Open

Boys Triple Jump Seeded

Girls Triple Jump Seeded

Girls Shot Put Seeded

Boys Discus Seeded

Boys Triple Jump Invite

Girls Triple Jump Invite

Boys Discus Invite

Kathy Devine Invite Shot Put